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About me[]

I am Hotchoc26 and I am a chart fan who has too much free time and I enjoy playing and making games, and live in Cornwall. I first got into charts around 2010 and helped out on this wiki after was shut down. I founded the Mapp Games Wiki as well which is basically a wiki about board games I have made up as well as info about other real world games. Films I like include Harry Potter and Star Wars, basically any sci-fi, adventure, mystery etc. type film. I also like TV shows such as Doctor Who, Lost, etc.

How I got here[]

Well first of all I had quite an interest in video game music like Tomb Raider, Croc, Spyro etc. which I listened to for years unti you hear those songs on the radio, such as All I Ever Wanted by Basshunter, which was one of my earlier favourite songs which I still have today. I eventually found the NOW albums which I used to get my music from, and downloaded the albums and listened to the songs from them. Later I found the Official Chart and found that a lot of the songs on the chart were of my interest and decided to download them. That's when I used the weekly charts to find new songs to download and would look at the charts every week. I then developed an interest in the archiving of charts on the website, which I enjoyed looking at how the singles and albums performed on the chart. I was quite dissapointed when I found out that OCC demanded the chart data to be taken down and I eventually saw a comment on the website saying that Havemeforty made a wiki for the stats. I eventually became a regular editor, visiting the wiki daily, adding charts, customising features and making the wiki an easy to use chart archive with lots of chart data, and that's how I got here!

My Creations[]

  • My speciality on this wiki is making games, including Chart Performance. See the Fun and Games page for a list.
  • I have also been adding nav tables to chart weeks to allow users to switch back and forth weeks in 1 click. On the whole, my primary objective is to give the UK Charts Archive Wiki users the best experience possible, which includes lots of data and an easy navigation system.

Favourite Pages[]

Fun and Games


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