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Artists With Unique Song Titles

Badly Timed Number 2 Singles Releases

Biggest Change In Position For A Release From the Chart Update to the Official Chart

Biggest Chart Dropouts

Biggest Gap Between the Debut Position and Peak Position For A Release

Chart Predictions

Chart Records

Covers of Songs That Peaked Higher Than the Original

Fastest Selling Singles

Fewest Weeks on UK Singles Chart

Highest Peaking Promotional Singles

Highest Peaking Singles by Album Sales

List of 1952-2005 Singles Re-Entering the Top 100 From 2007-Present

List of Artists

List of Artists With 3 or More Singles on the Top 100 In A Single Week

List of Artists with Only One Top 100 Single Peaking at 100 for One Week

List of Artists with the Most Top 100 Singles

List of Biggest Climbers for Each Week

List of Biggest Fallers for Each Week

List of Chart Weeks With 2 or More Singles With the Same Title In One Week

List of Chart Update Number Ones that Weren't Number One on the Official Chart

List of Chart Update Singles Dropping Out of the Top 100 the Following Week

List of Charts Not Related to the Official Chart

List of Films on Combined Video Chart

List of iTunes UK Free Singles of the Week

List of Lists (this page)

List of Non-Number Ones Staying at a Position For 3 Weeks or More

List of Number 1 Singles and Albums Returning to Number 1

List of One Week Wonders

List of Single Drop-Outs Falling 50 Places or More

List of Singles and Albums Re-Entering the Chart at Number 1

List of Singles Dropping Out From the Top 40 Out of the Top 100

List of Singles Peaking at 200 for Only One Week

List of Singles Spending 3 or More Weeks at No. 1

List of Singles That Feel 50 Places or More on the Top 100

List of Single Ties

List of songs that re-entered or re-issued after being used or covered or other events happened

List of Top 200 Singles Recorded For Movies

List of UK Singles Chart Positions

Lowest Selling Top 10 Hits of...

Most Top 10 Singles From A Single Album

Most Climbs For A Release

Most Falls For A Release

Most Number One Singles From A Single Album

Most Re-Entries in the Top 100

Most Consecutive Weeks for a Single on the Top 100

Most Non-Movers For A Release

Most Single Debuts In A Year

Most Viewed Music Videos on YouTube

Most Weeks In Top 100 Before Reaching Number 1 For A Release

Most Weeks on UK Albums Chart

Most weeks on UK Singles Chart

Shortest amount of letters for a single

Singles With 3 Or More Lead Artists

Singles With the Most Artist Collaborations

UK Singles Chart History

UK Singles Chart Update Data Outside of the Top 40