Each game there will be a randomly picked number from 1-9. 1 represents 2 weeks on the chart, and 9 represents 10 etc. (see below)

Pick a song from the current Top 100 Singles Chart. You should choose a song that will last the amount of weeks picked for that game. The song's position number each week adds to your score, so predicting Counting Stars will not likely get you a very good score. This is also a game of risk, as if the chosen song drops out within the weeks chosen, there will be a penalty, so predicting a song currently in the 90's part of the chart when the amount of weeks is 10 will not likely give you a great score!

How to Play[edit | edit source]

Scoring[edit | edit source]

The position number for the song each week for the chosen weeks is added onto the score. So when playing for 3 weeks and choosing True Love at 90 for example, and seeing it climb to 72 the next week, and then falling to 99 the next week will give a total of 261 points. But if the chosen song drops out before the number of weeks chosen have ended (in this case 3), each week not played takes off 50 points from your score!

Example[edit | edit source]

One player uses the Random Number Generator and picks a number from 1-9. The resulting number is NOT the number of weeks for player's singles. It is actually the resulting number plus 1, since having just one week would not work. So a 4 would be 5 weeks and an 8 would be 9 weeks. In this example, the random number returned 3, which is 4 weeks. Now players must each choose a single from the current top 100 singles chart (29/12/2012), which they must be sure will stay in the top 100 for 4 weeks, and to stay as low in the chart as possible. Players are forbidden to change their chosen single for that game after the second week's top 100 singles chart is published.

Player 1[edit | edit source]

Chosen single: Hall Of Fame by The Script (34)

Week Position
05/10/2013 34
12/10/2013 17
19/10/2013 19
26/10/2013 33
Total score 103

Player 2[edit | edit source]

Chosen single: Wonder by Naughty Boy (76)



05/10/2013 76
12/10/2013 72
19/10/2013 84
26/10/2013 DROPOUT
Non charting weeks 1 (-50)
Total score 182

Player 2 only got his single to chart on 3 of the required 4 weeks, so his subtotal will have 50 points taken off it. This gives him a total of 182 points. However, he still wins, beating Player 1's 103 points

Player Stats[edit | edit source]

Category Hotchoc26 Taylor jago 16.06
Total games played (incomplete) 2 (1) 2 (1)
Total score (average per game) [current game] 639 (319.5) 596 (298)
Most points in a game (least) 449 {190} 473 {123}
Most points for a 2 week game (average) [least] {games played} 190 {1} 123 {1}
Most points for a 3 week game (average) [least] {games played}
Most points for a 4 week game (average) [least] {games played}
Most points for a 5 week game (average) [least] {games played}
Most points for a 6 week game (average) [least] {games played}
Most points for a 7 week game (average) [least] {games played}
Most points for an 8 week game (average) [least] {games played} 449 {1} 473 {1}
Most points for a 9 week game (average) [least] {games played}
Most points for a 10 week game (average) [least] {games played}
Most non-charting weeks in a game (total)

Highest Possible Scores[edit | edit source]

Game Points (single) Positions Met by
Game 1 (05/10/2013-12/10/2013) (2 weeks) 190 points (Thrift Shop and Holes) 98-92 (Thrift Shop) and 92-98 (Holes) Hotchoc26 (Holes)
Game 2 (12/10/2013-30/11/2013) (2 weeks)

Week by Week[edit | edit source]

Game Weeks Hotchoc26's prediction (points) Taylor jago 16.06's prediction (points) Winner Highest possible score

2 (05/10/2013-


Holes (92+98=190) Treasure (64+59=123) Hotchoc26 with 190 points Thrift Shop and Holes (98+92 and 92+98)

8 (12/10/2013-


Get Lucky (449) La La La (473) Taylor jago 16.06 with 473 points TBA

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