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This wiki isn't just for looking at charts, you can also vote for singles and artists, predict charts and more! Have any ideas on more games for this wiki? Put it in the comments!

Total games: 20

Newest Game[]

Swingles will be released in a couple of weeks on the Swingles page.


  • Chart Predictions

Prediction Games[]

Chart Predictions[]

By Taylor jago 16.06. Predict the next top 100 singles chart each week and score points for each correct match. Oldest game on this wiki. 

Chart Run Predictions Game[]

By Hotchoc26. Predict chart runs for new/re-entries for songs in the top 40 from Sunday to Wednesday and get points for how close your predictions were for each week. 

Dropout Predictions Game[]

By Hotchoc26. Predict songs in the current top 40 of when they will drop out at which week and which position. The more accurate your predictions, the more points you get! 

High Charters[]

By Hotchoc26This game involves choosing a single in the current top 100 that you think will stay for a set amount of weeks, and the position it reaches each week adds to the score. 

Pre-Chart Update Predictions[]

By Hotchoc26. Players predict next week's top 10 before Wednesday's Chart Update is published, scoring points for each correct match. 

Randomly Selected Chart Predictions[]

By Hotchoc26. Each song from the current top 100 chart will be randomly selected a position to predict the next top 100 chart. The winner is whoever gets the closer matches! 


By Hotchoc26. The rules for Swingles will be released in a few weeks time, so stay posted!

TBR (To Be Released) Predictions Game[]

By Hotchoc26. Predict debut positions for singles before they are released on the top 200. The closer your predictions, the more points are awarded! 

YouTube Music Video View Count Predictions[]

By Hotchoc26. Predict the view counts for 5 official YouTube music videos on Sunday for the following Sunday, and the closer your predictions, the more points are awarded! 

Voting Games[]

Alphabetical War[]

By Taylor jago 16.06. Vote for your favourite songs for each letter of the alphabet. 

Ar(tist) Wars[]

By Hotchoc26. Every Sunday/Monday 2 artists and 2 singles will battle it out by votes out of 5 and the single and artist with the highest average wins. Also see the archive for past battles. 

Boys Vs Girls[]

By Hotchoc26. Vote for the battle of the sexes for different musical genres. 

Top 40 Music Video Vote[]

By Hotchoc26. This game has been discontinued due to lack of popularity. Vote your favourite and least favourite music video of the top 40 each week. Also see the archive

Other Games[]

4 Pics 1 Song[]

By Hotchoc26. Each week there will be 3 singles (an Easy, Medium and Hard), each represented by 4 images related to the artist and single, and are also given 16 letter which some are part of the answer.

Chart Performance Game[]

By Hotchoc26. A game of chance using randomly selected numbers which represent chart positions, where high peak positions and most weeks on chart score points.

Fun and Games forum[]

General Games[]

  • Guess how many songs a user owns - How many guesses does it take before you can guess the number of songs another user has? Their responses can only be 'higher' or 'lower'.
  • Single/Artist/Album Title Anagrams - One user gives the other users anagrams of a single, artist or album, and the other players have to work out what the anagram is.
  • Missing letters - Similar to anagrams but the titles have missing letters in them.
  • Guess songs by clues: One user gives you clues about the songs and each clue given decreases the points at the end of the game.
  • Guessing a user's iTunes pays - The user lists 40 songs, 10 of which they haven't played. The player must state the highest amount of plays a song can have and players gain points for closer matches.
  • (NEW) Artwork Recognition (Taylor jago 16.06) - Some singles and album artwork are posted but are altered in different ways. Players try to guess what the covers are for.

Top Trumps[]

By Hotchoc26. Players are randomly selected a single from the wiki, and one player chooses a category. The other then has to say what their category value is and the highest value wins.


By Hotchoc26. One player secretly chooses an artist, song or album, or a mixture of all 3, and the only clue is missing spaces for letters and words. Other players can guess letters or take a shot for the whole phrase, but too many incorrect guesses will lose the game!


By Hotchoc26. Test your knowledge on song titles, artists and albums. This game involves being randomly chosen different letters and then adjusting them as little as you can to form a song, artist or album title, whether or not it has charted.

Google Search Battle[]

By Hotchoc26. Choose to battle singles and artists for the most Google search results.

Special Games[]


This game was created to celebrate 365 days of the wiki and involves players choosing any single and any number of singles, but their positions for week ending 12/10/2013 must collectively add up to 365 or less, but not over. Taylor jago 16.06 won the game.

Christmas Game (2013)[]

The upcoming Christmas Game for 2013 will be released on 01/11/2013 and will be played on the forum.