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Use this article for help on editing the wiki.

Layouts and Creating Pages[]

See the Behind the Scenes Articles category for the page layouts. When creating pages, please use the following format for the pages:

  • Chart Weeks: "UK Singles & Album Chart (dd/mm/yyyy). These are the official UK Singles and Album charts published every Sunday for week ending (Saturdays) by the Official Charts Company. The page must be included in the Charts, yyyy Charts and the Incomplete Articles category if it is not fully complete (which is usually the case).
  • Artist Stats pages: "Artistname : Stats". Do not create pages for singles, albums or any other type of release. They are put onto the artist's stats page. Featuring artists stats page also include singles they feature in. The singles and albums do not hold the full performance, but the peak, first and last seen positions with a 'See the lead artist's stats page for full performance' message. This eliminates the need to update both the featuring and lead artist(s) stats pages.
  • If you are unsure about anything at all, please contact Hotchoc26 or another admin.

Chart Sources[]

Make sure you have selected a reliable chart source for the data on the pages. A list of common sources are available on the Home page. If you have come across a new reliable source, please note it on the page, or if it contains a lot of chart data, please post it in the forum.

Redirecting Pages[]

Example: you want the user to type Ant & Dec: Stats into the search bar and redirect it to an existing PJ & Duncan: Stats page. You must first create the Ant & Dec: Stats page, or if it already exists, delete all content from it. You then put the following syntax on the page:

#REDIRECT page name


#REDIRECT PJ & Duncan : Stats

If you rename a page, the old article name should redirect to the new renamed article.


Categories are like folders which contain articles and sub categories to organise them. To create a category, click Contribute and Add a Page, and call it Category:[pagename]. You can also add non-existent categories to pages, but you should add content to them with an appropriate name and purpose.

To include a page or category to a category, simply add the link at the bottom of the page. To remove a page from a category, go to the page, edit is  and remove the desired category

Still need help?[]

Ask an admin!